Fischfang im Norden

  • Ich habe seit neustem meine Neue Basis in den Norden verlegt, direkt am See, die Grenze zum Schnee. Habe dort direkt meine Fischkörbe ans Wasser gelegt aber es kommen nur sehr wenig Fische rein. Mach ich was falsch oder gibt es im Norden nur wenig Fische ?

  • Fishing is one of the things that I would have with

    my kitchen on a holiday. It was as if I had fully

    spent my holiday. Not only did my children travel

    in nature, They also learned it. They were interested

    in places that I traveled to everywhere, and they were

    able to say that the pictures were kept. Of course, if

    you have a stand, you should take them, but you have

    to look after them specially so as not to cause danger.