Warsong Canyon Server Sucht noch Mitspieler!

  • Hey Guys,

    there is finally a new Conan Exiles PVP Pro-Server with 70 slots and an awesome performance for advanced and professional PVP-Players.

    If you are sick of playing against cheaters and hackers on official servers, then join the "Warsong Canyon"-Server.

    It's a brand new Server with 30 GB DDR4 RAM, SSD-drives and all optimized necessary components, to guarantee a flawless playing (also with 70 players on it)

    In case of cheating or hacking, you can contact the Admin (who is always available) Send Viedeo ore Screenshot via Mail!

    Please notice, that this server has been provided for advanced and professional PVP-Players (PVP fast - x2 XP)...so if you are not well experienced, this server shouldn't be interesting for you !

    So if you don't fear to show your skills.....JOIN NOW Direct:

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