PVP Clan looking for members [PC]

  • Hey everyone!

    Two of my friends and me are playing actively on a PVP-server and we are looking for new, active members for our clan who want to experience pvp.

    We use discord for communication and talk mostly in english. Server is EU, more information will be sent to you if you comment below.

    About us: we started playing not a while ago, maybe about a month so we are still kinda new to the game.

    We expect a regular activity level, nothing to fancy but the more the better of course since we need to keep everything on track. Doesn't have to be on a daily basis, if you are motivated and enjoy the game but you can only play 3 times a week, thats fine too.

    We want to achieve as much as possible, build, grind, raid and see what the game has to offer.

    Just write a comment below or message me if you are interested, we are looking forward to welcome you to our clan and friendly atmosphere.

    Long days and pleasant nights fellows!

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